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We offer Advertisement Listings on EMP Report for $50 per month, a little over $1 per day.  Once our monthly hits reach a particular margin, this cost will double for new advertisers (previous or current advertisers will be grandfathered in at the price of $50 per month.)

We will accept all listings, but please note these listings must be approved by our Media Relations team prior to being published on our live site.  The advertising investments and voluntary donations are utilized to keep this awareness website running and up-to-date.

Please contact us directly at info@advancedsurvivaltechnology.com if you are interested in listing your company or property and have any additional questions.  You may also reach us toll free at or directly at 1-402-853-8462

A listing includes:

A listing in the directory
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A full page about your agency or property, with space for:
  • Up to 5 images
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  • A description of your company, area, and/or listings

Basic Ad Form

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Images: Please send up to 5 JPEG images of the property, company, or area to include with the listing.

How to Pay for Your Ad

Formal invoices are available upon request.

Pre-payment for a listing is quick and easy with our Simple Store which will be COMING SOON! 

You can also send pre-payment in U.S. Dollar-denominated instruments via:
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  * U.S. Postal Service Money Order
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Make checks or USPS money orders payable to our parent company:

Advanced Survival Technology - Please contact us for payment address