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About EMP Report...
The EMP REPORT  is a bipartisan, non-profit organization for professionals and citizens concerned about protecting our people and national critical infrastructures from a nuclear or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe. Two Congressional Commissions, the EMP Commission and the Strategic Posture Commission, have warned that terrorists have the potential to inflict an EMP attack that would cause the collapse of critical civilian infrastructures--such as infrastructures for electric power, telecommunications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water--across the entire continental United States and globally, that are vital alike for the sustenance of our modern society and the survival of its citizens.

The EMP REPORT key goals and missions: 

• Implement the EMP Commission recommendations to protect civilian critical infrastructures on an accelerated basis

• Educate ALL Government Officials, Emergency Management Agencies, and the People on the EMP threats and mitigation solutions 

• Organize the People to act effectively in furtherance of their security from the EMP threat at the federal, state, local, and individual levels

• Initiate programs among Emergency Preparedness Experts; Municipal, Utility, Transportation Communities; and other related professionals to increase EMP preparedness among first responders, communities, utilities, businesses, and universities, to serve as examples for the nation, and to show that leadership on national and homeland security need not originate in Washington, that the People can lead “from the bottom up.”