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NASA's Swift Catches X-Ray Action at Center of Milky Way (G2 Cloud / Sgr* A)
January 9, 2014 - Credit: NASA.gov

This X-ray image of the galactic center merges Swift XRT observations through 2013. Sgr A* is at center. Low-energy X-rays (300 to 1,500 electron volts) are shown in red, medium-energy (1,500 to 3,000 eV) in green, and high-energy (3,000 to 10,000 eV) in blue. The total exposure time is 12.6 days. Image Credit: NASA/Swift/N. Degenaar (Univ. of Michigan)
This is some additional news on our G2 Cloud/Sgr A interactions as we have been discussing for quite some time and the pulsar-style event or magnetic superwave that is expected as a high risk event this year, and/or into next year, as you will read in this information, as well as previous information we have posted, this event is expected to be long-lasting for at least a year or two... 

More information on the G2 Cloud, simulations (although simulations have only been conducted in 3D and we need to examine alternate dimensional simulations because as we know, there are more than just 3 Dimensions), and research as to whether this G2 Cloud may or may not contain a binary star system can be found below. We update any information we have on this daily, as it should be top of our "radar" list on high risk events to affect Earth, even though NASA will not tell you this, we will! Stay tuned for updates as we have information to provide)